• TOP RICH CORPORATION CO., LTD. has established water treatment business for more than 26 years. Our company is well known for providing water treatment system installation and service for over 10,000 international and domestic firms. Regarding to our high reputation and accumulated experiences, we are confident in our product quality and service mind. With fully concentration in every step of process, updated computer software and attentive control from both Thai and foreigner engineers, it is certain that water will be satisfyingly pure and safe for consuming and be qualified for industrial purpose. We also provide examining and analyzing water, design and installation water treatment system for using in production process of various industries.

  • Water for Foods and Beverages Industries.

  • Water for Cosmetics.

  • Water for Pharmaceutical, Medical and Laboratories.

  • Water for Electronics, Coating and Plating Industries.

  • Water for Drinking Water and Ice Factory.

  • Water for Villages & Resorts.

  • Water for Agricultural & Farming.

  • Water for Various Industrial Machines.

  • Water for Sea Water Desalination.

Filtration System
The purpose of filtration is to remove suspended particles which cause turbidity to water. The process of filtration involves the flow of water through filter bed with porosity filter medias such as selected... Read more
Sedimentation System
Sedimantation or clarifier is the process of removing contaminants from water by settling to the bottom of conical shape tanks. These contaminants can be suspended solids, settleable solids, chemical sludge... Read more
Softener System
Water Softener is a water hardness removal process. Conventional application for household use depends on an ion-exchange resin in which those hardness ions, i.e. calcium and magnesium... Read more
Ion – Exchange System
Softening is a hardness removal process by cation resin. This cation resin removes undesirable hardness ions from raw water by exchanging them with desirable ions. In commercial use, there are two classes of resins which are industrial grade and food grade... Read more
Reverse Osmosis System (RO)
Formally, reverse osmosis is a water purify process which applies high pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure to water in order to remove tiny molecules and various type of ions by membranes. Water from a high concentration region is forced through a selective... Read more
Ozonation System
The ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms whereas the normal oxygen molecule contains only two. Ozone is a very reactive and unstable gas with a short half-life before it reverts back to oxygen. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce... Read more