Water is essential for your precious life , your beloved family and also for you business.
If you are facing these problems , Rely on us .Let TOP RICH to be a consultant and a part of your water problem solving.


1. Water has bad odor, turbidity, algae, rust. Colored & high hardness.
2. Clear water but wonder whether it has bacteria or not.
3. Yellow stains after washing.
4. White & yellow stain on sanitary ware.
5. Unclean feeling after bath.
6. Brackish water, which could not be consumed.
7. The water pH is un-balanced.
8. High cost of water treatment.
9. High cost of Cooling & Boiler system.
10. Agricultural product is poor quality, according to water problem.
11. Low quality of raw water source, making difficulties in consumption and Industrialization.
12. Waste water quality from industrial is over limited standard.
13. Recycle waste water
14. Building piping is clogged up and needs to be changed.
15. Problem of unclear ice from production.
16. Water from your filtering system can’t clean up detergent and dishwashing.
17. Liquid clearly treated for consumption.
18. Plan to set up drinking water business.
19. Set up ID water or ULTRAPURE water plant.
20. To convert the water sources to be money!